Winter’s Surprise

Daily Prompt:  Undulate



As I walk along the deserted beach
My mind, confounded, takes in the site.
Undulating waves crashing in the surf
Rushing to offer their briny gift to the sand.
A site I often witness, as I sunbathe being comforted by the sound.
But how can this be? A winter coat, scarf, and mittens
Have become my beachwear!
The waves covering the sand meet their winter counterpart
And kiss the Snow. Has winter lost its way?
I look into the grey skies
I feel the cold wind.
Not a soul in sight, nor bird in the air.
The empty peer tall and serene
Stands guard over this desolate beach.
I turn and see footprints in the sand and snow.
It’s then I realize winter has followed me.
I have not moved far enough south.


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