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Daily Prompt:  Unfurl

Durning the summer when we celebrate our independence on the 4th of  July,  I often think of the many men who gave so much for us to be free.  I also wonder what it was like the first time our flag was unfurled and the feelings it evoked.  I can only imagine the feelings of relief that the struggle was over and the pride in a country that was new and had so much history to be written.

In the beginning, God played a large part of our lives and Christian beliefs fed our Constitution and laws.  This country was blessed with many natural resources which gave way to industry and wealth. As in all countries, our road to freedom for all has not always been easy or paved evenly across all of our citizens.  Race, religion, ethnicity have been sources of prejudice during our struggle to become a leading nation in the world. Our treatment of Native Americans was atrocious.  Slavery was evil.

Today things are far from how they should be.  Sadly prejudice remains.  We still have poor in our country.  We have veterans who do without after risking everything for our continued freedom.  God is being placed in the background of our governments, schools, and neighborhoods.  Abuse of natural resources continues.  Rudeness, selfishness, and disregard for the property of others are the norm.  Our elderly can barely exist on social security that has been raped by politicians in the past and the new word for it has become an entitlement.  Big business continues to rip off the American public.  This saddens me.

Our country needs to come together.  It needs to stop the waste of money over politics.  It needs to take care of the citizens who elected our leaders.   The worst waste of money in recent history is the nonsense going on in our government fighting the election of President Trump.  He won.  Move on and stop this outrageous spending to prove otherwise.  In four years there will be another election.  I believe our congressmen and senators would be less anxious to spend our money if they received the same benefits as we do in insurance and retirement and didn’t have the luxury of voting themselves a raise each year.

The worst invention in our recent past is cable TV which has opened the door to 24 hours a day news programming.  Unfortunately, to fill the time news is created and defined for us rather than reported.  So much for journalistic integrity.

If we wish to remain a leader in the world, we need to act like a leader.  We need to remain the USA and not an off shoot of other countries.  We need to expect and demand assimilation to our country, not force our citizenship to assimilate to immigrants ways. Never in history has this been the way immigration has been handled.  Immigrants were welcomed legally with a specific set of requirements.  In my mind, this is not an unreasonable requirement.

When the Stars and Stripes are unfurled and hoisted up the flagpole it is a symbol of the United States.  It is what we pledge our allegiance to under God.  It is my home and I am tired of people showing it disrespect.



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