Daily Prompt:  Grainy

When my grandmother died I found a large box of pictures.  It was so sad to me because most of the pictures were grainy and I couldn’t tell who was in the pictures.  What a shame that part of my history was lost as most of them, I am sure were old family pictures.

When Mom(I called my grandmother Mom) was alive, we did go through some pictures she had kept willy-nilly in a box and of course, there was nothing written on the back of them to identify who was in them.  I am so grateful that we took the time to go through that box of pictures then.  Even she had trouble remembering some of the people from her past.

In an age when pictures are taken so often to memorialize events, it is a shame that we don’t take the time to make notations about the subject matter and the date taken.  Today we are fortunate enough to have digital photography.  The benefit of it is that we don’t have to have the film developed.  But, we become even laxer about notations on our photos.

I have already taken pictures of my grandchildren and if I do not upload them to my computer in individual files I lose details about the events.  I have been working really hard to correct this.  For one thing, I have set my camera to keep the date for each photo but not put it on the photo itself.  I  have found this to be a great help.  Then I just rename the file on my computer to whatever the event was.  It works for me.

I realize that many of you out in Blogsville already knew this, but since I have just figured it out I thought maybe someone else was having the same issue.


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