The Weekly Smile-Week 84

The Weekly Smile Week 84


I have had a lot to smile about this week.  I will be seeing my granddaughter next week when I drive over to Miami.  I’ll spend the weekend with them.

I spent Sunday in Animal Kingdom at Disney World with my friend Dottie, her son Brandon and her granddaughter Alyssa.  I had not seen Brandon for years and had never met his daughter.  She is a beautiful sweet girl and so enjoyed getting to know her and spend time with her and her dad.   We had a wonderful day together.


We were on the Safari ride and I spotted this guy looking through the branches of the tree at us.  All we could see was his head.  I couldn’t resist taking the shot and every time I look at it I smile.


Alyssa is just beginning a college program at Disney.  She’s looking forward to making many friends and many memories during her internship.  I will be here with Dottie and Frank for about two more weeks.  Frank is almost back to where he was before his surgeries and is doing great.  Dottie is beginning a new chapter in her life and I will head home soon.


3 thoughts on “The Weekly Smile-Week 84

  1. Sounds like a lot to smile about for sure. One of my best friends lives in Lakeland, FL, and she and her grandchildren visit Disney World a lot as well. She and I have been prayer partners for many, many years, but her husband had to relocate to Florida for a job about 17 years ago. So she’s there with him, and most of their kids are spread across the country. We still visit and pray by phone, and get to see each other in person maybe once a year. But with God there’s no real distance as far as faith and prayer are concerned, and we are still very close.

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