Daily Prompt:  Toothbrush

I was brought up by my grandmother who survived the Great Depression.  Consequently we never wasted anything and we often re-purposed things to be used as something else. For example, we never threw away our toothbrushes because they were used to clean the small grout areas of the tile in the bathroom and kitchen.   Since we learn what we live, I followed suit.

When we were moving I was cleaning out the cupboard I used to store my cleaning supplies and I came upon dozens of toothbrushes.   What was I thinking?  I had enough toothbrushes to supply the US Army for when they put recruits on latrine cleaning duty.   I decided that I didn’t need to take so many with me on the move, so I threw most of them away.

Fast forward to a few years later when I was going to re-purpose toothbrushes again since the last of what I had were finally shot.  To my dismay, I realized that the new toothbrushes were substandard.   Their bristles were falling out and did not support the pressure placed on them when I used them to clean the track in my sliding glass door.  I hadn’t realized this when I was using them for my teeth.  I guess I should be happy my teeth didn’t fall out.  Right?

So, after all of these years of saving things to be re-purposed for uses other than what they were intended, I have decided that somethings aren’t worth hanging onto especially if they have been made in the last 30 years.


5 thoughts on “Re-purposing

  1. lol while reading your post, my first thought was “no one thought me, i came up with idea of repurposing toothbrushes all on my own.’ then, i remember, i probably first picked it up from my mum, found it useful, and recently married, i started using my husband\s old toothbrushes since the bristles are hard as nails to clean the more delicate, hard to reach places

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