Iced Tea by the Lake

Daily Prompt:  Tea


Yesterday Dottie, Frank and I went to lunch at a little lakeside restaurant called Julies Waterfront Restaurant.   It has always been one of Frank and Dottie favorite place here in Orlando.  At least we thought we were at Julies.

After we sat down and looked at the menu, Dottie commented that the menu had changed and they didn’t have her favorite tuna sandwich. The waitress came over after hearing us to say that it was a new menu because Julies was no more.  We all looked at each other trying to decide if we wanted to stay or not.

Then it hit us, the bright yellow canopy that used to be over the entrance was now red. The inside dining room had been renovated  and the covered outside dining area had a new roof over it. The outside was decorated with brightly colored chairs along the water. We decided that we would stay and enjoy the ambiance and give it a try.  OK.  So much for the powers of observation.  We chalked it up to being hungry – or maybe getting old?

The food was very good and it was so pleasant sitting by the lake drinking my iced tea.  I had my camera with me so after I was done eating, I took some pictures of the three women who had just finished eating their lunch at the next table paddling their kayaks across the lake returning home.




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