One Word Photo Challenge

One Word Photo Challenge, July 23 – 29 :  Hippopotamus


I love the word prompt for this week.  Unfortunately, don’t have access to all of my photos on this new laptop but I wanted to participate so I did a search online and found a couple of pictures that I think will do.

My youngest child loved the TV show The New Zoo Review.  Her favorite character was Henrietta Hippo.  She is pictured below.

hqdefault (2)
Henrietta Hippo

She  had to have eye surgery.  Our priest came to see her after she came home and gave her a little stuffed pink hippo.  Sam is now 33 years old and she still has that hippo.  She slept with it until she was almost out of college.  I couldn’t believe it.  She named her little pink hippo Henri the Etta.

Henri the Etta

As I was searching I found the cutest little hippo costume.  Had there been one available in the 80’s I would have gotten it for Samantha.


I also found the coolest Hippo Sofa.  What do you think?  It would be a great edition to a family room wouldn’t it?


And finally I want you to meet Fiona.  She arrived prematurely at the Cincinnati Zoo.


Take a look at Fiona taking her first steps.

I hope you have enjoyed my response to the OWPC this week.


2 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge

  1. I don’t have any hippo photos, either, but I liked the ones you found. My grand-daughter asked Santa Claus for a hippo for Christmas! haha we got her one, but I didn’t take a photo of it. 🙂

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