Harmony In Motion

Daily Prompt:  Harmonize

Friday afternoon here in Orlando we had quite a storm.  It rained so hard that the back part of the yard flooded.  Right along the back of the yard is a wooded area fed by a stream and it looked like a small lake with trees growing out of it.

DSCF3828 (2) - Copy

I have been fascinated with the birds here in Orlando.  I love to photograph animals and birds are one of my favorite subjects.  After the area flooded, I walked out onto the porch and to my amazement a flock of about twenty five white Ibis flew right up to the area to forage for food.  The ibeses in harmonized movements grazed along the edge of the water each taking a turn as sentinel.


I attempted to get the birds to come closer by throwing out some cheerios in the main part of the yard.  To my delight, they began to head up toward me.


I discovered that they didn’t really care for the Cheerios and soon turned back toward the water.


I came into the house to show my friend the pictures I had taken.  As I went back out to check on the birds I caught the last of my visitors, a white crane just standing in the water.


I was lucky enough to catch the crane taking flight.   Unfortunately, I was not as ready for the take off as I would have liked to have been.  So the shot isn’t a great one, but I still think it’s magical.



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