Cirque du Soleil® La Nouba™

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As many of you may know I have been staying at my friends home in Orlando helping her during her husband’s recovery from a serious illness and surgery.  He is recovering nicely now and is able to get around much better.  Last night Dottie and Frank took me to see Cirque du Soleil La Nouba at Disney Springs.  I have always liked the circus, but none of my kids did so I haven’t been to one in many, many years.  I had no idea what to expect.

An acrobat couple, suspended upside down, hold hands as the woman extends one leg towards the ground
Borrowed from Walt Disney World

Acrobats, aerialists, break dancers, singers, trapeze artists, jugglers and clowns performed a show that was absolutely fabulous!  It was an hour and a half of non stop movement and music.  So energetic.  The talent of these performers is unbelievable. During the acrobatics and dance the story of  a house maid’s dream is played out with grace and humor.

Four girls in matching short frocks stand onstage, each spinning a giant yoyo shaped like an hourglass
Borrowed from Walt Disney World

There were two performers who rode bicycles.  I have to say that the strength these two men displayed while making those bikes do things only imagined was stellar.  They actually stopped short at the face of one man who was lying on the stage and then hopped over he and the man lying next to him from a dead stop.  I couldn’t believe it. Missing by an inch could have been disastrous.

Two of the 3 members of a breakdancing act stand onstage with their arms open, awaiting applause
Borrowed from Walt Disney World

The trapeze artists were amazing.  Flying high above the stage in perfect rhythm. Exchanging places and catching each other while we looked on in awe.  It reminded me of the first time I saw an act similar when I was a child.

Ballerina doing a pirouette with arms spread wide at Cirque de Soleil – La Nouba
Borrowed from Walt Disney World

There are over 65 performers in the show and they represent 15 countries.  I  recommend seeing this show it will create a memory you will savor always.

These break dancers were unbelievable.

Three male break dancers, with their faces painted, perform onstage
Borrowed from Walt Disney World

To see more photos from the show check my Pinterest Board.



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