The Dancing Bumble Bees

Daily Prompt:  Bumble

Every morning when I walk Gracie, I pass a beautiful yellow mimosa. As I walk under its branches I see the fuzzy black and yellow bumble bees busy at work pollinating the flowers.

I am allergic to bees, so I don’t dally along this part of my walk, but I do love to watch the bees. It looks like they are dancing with each other in uncoordinated movements back and forth from flower to flower. They pass over and under each other never touching, but coming very close.

We used to have a swimming pool and when we were landscaping around it we were told that bees liked yellow flowers the most.  So we never had yellow flowers in our yard. I always felt bad about that because yellow flowers just seem happy.

Watching these dancing bees made me think about this Neal Diamond song from 1979. Take a listen.


Published on Sep 29, 2010


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