The Beach

Daily Prompt:  Savage


I took a walk on the beach today.

Blue skies and white clouds welcomed me.

Pelicans and seagulls flew over my head

A beautiful sight to see.


Waves gently rolling into the shore

Saying a quiet hello.

Sandpipers running on the sand

Following the water’s ebb and flow.


The dunes are alive with sea grasses

With vines and sea oats holding onto the sand

They hide their inhabitants successfully

Keeping them safe and sound..


Life is glorious on the beach.

It calms me and soothes my soul.

I was lost in my thoughts of wonder

At what God has given to me.


Then quickly the clouds began to change.

They grew dark and caused the wind to form.

The birds began to disappear

Heading for shelter to ride out the storm.


Then waves slammed into the beach

With a warning to leave at once.

So with regret I walked away

As the wind savagely beats the dunes.


I thought about the drastic change

That God had designed today.

And realized I must put my faith

In His all knowing ways.

© Wanda Williams



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