Just A Feather?

Daily Prompt:  Quill

bf07e920f55347726bb9d9273cfc8d2cWhen I was in elementary school I went to a number of historical sites on school field trips.  I must have gotten quills at each of them.  I was fascinated that you could pluck a tail feather out of a large bird and use it to write with.  It made me realize that something so benign so ordinary could be used to do something so extraordinary.  Now, I know that the  quills I got as my souvenirs were probably synthetically made, but I just always had to have one to memorialize my field trips.

I have never written with any of the quills I had saved for so many years.  Finally when I had gotten married and was moving my things into my new home I got rid of them.  I can remember thinking I had no idea why I had so many.  I am sorry that I never tried to write with them though.  It would have been like the signers of the Declaration of Independence.  Statements such as “The mighty quill.” make you think about writing something that is profound.  Maybe if I had used one of those quills I would have turned out to be a writer.  Who knows?

I will tell you though, that when I was in elementary school, I did write with a fountain pen.  I always liked how the pen felt in my hand.

Where I went to school we had writing practice.  We were taught the Palmer Method of handwriting.  I used to have quite beautiful handwriting.  I never do any writing by hand anymore.   It seems that since computers have taken their place in our society, I have given up handwriting.

My grandchildren aren’t even learning cursive.  I think that is a shame.  I think that when you can sign your name to something of importance, it instills pride.


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