Rain, Rain, Go Away

Daily Prompt:  Puncture, Taper, Volume

I have been in Orlando for a few weeks now and I know that it rains almost every day at this time of year, but we have had voluminous amounts of rain.  I am beginning to think I should be growing gills and fins.  The swimming pool is overflowing, there are streams between the houses and it’s generally depressing.  I sure wish the rain would taper off.

I just listened to the weather report.  You guessed it.  Rain for the foreseeable future!  So much for my sunny Floridian vacation.

Maybe someone will invent a tool to puncture this muggy, dreary, cloudy, rainy bubble that has encased the Orlando area.  Of course, I don’t have it too bad.  I don’t have to work in it.  My poor friend Dottie works at Animal Kingdom at Disney and she works rain or shine.  So, even though I may be getting a little tired of the rain, I am not getting soaked in it.  he is.  So enough of the complaining.

I should be thanking God for the nourishing rain to the area.  It had been so dry and with people not using their head with matches, the danger of fire was really growing.  Now, the grass is growing and a beautiful shade of green.


One thought on “Rain, Rain, Go Away

  1. I never used to appreciate rain either. Until, I was sitting and listening to my uncles all talk (they are all farmers). They were saying how much we needed some rain for their crops to grow. Otherwise, they would be out a lot of money. They weren’t the only farmers in this situation, so ultimately it could’ve even lead to a food shortage (worse case scenario). Ever since that day, I always welcome rain..unless I’m out hiking 😉 hehe

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