Practice Makes Perfect, At Least Better

Daily Prompt:  Better
I have always loved to take pictures. Until the 90’s they were just to mark memorable occasions, birthdays, holidays, trips, etc. But during the 90’s I developed an interest in learning how to take really good photos as a hobby.

This started when my son took photography in high school. I was amazed at his talent and the beauty his expensive Nikon camera captured. I vowed at that time that I would pursue this hobby when I retired.

In 2003 when we moved to NC in retirement, I began taking pictures. I took pictures of everything. I couldn’t afford a good camera, but had my sons Nikon camera so I was able to practice with settings. I found that having film developed became expensive especially since most of what I took was not worth keeping.

In 2005 I purchased a kodak camera that took really nice pictures. I could manually adjust settings or use it as an automatic setting camera. I joined a photo club in my area and my photos began to get better. I used that camera until 2013 when it died.

Still not being able to afford an SLR digital camera, my son insisted that the new phones had great cameras in them and I really didn’t need a camera. However, I wanted a new camera so badly.   He got me a fujifilm bridge camera for my birthday which I love. It has a great zoom capability and I can adjust the settings. Yes, I am blessed to have a son who has always taken good care of his mother.

I have been taking part in the wordpress photo challenges and member sponsored photo challenges since moving my blog here to wordpress from blogger. It is my hope that as I continue to follow the challenges my photos will continue to get better.


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