Daily Prompt: Fry

I have to say that since I started a blog here at word press I am enjoying the daily prompts and I am actually blogging daily.  Now, it’s only been a few days so I wouldn’t get too excited about these results just yet.  I think a wait and see approach works best here.

I find today’s word a bit of a bugger.  What I know about fry, frying, fried and to fry is all about how it applies to food and temperature.  I have read a few submissions on the prompt page for today and am impressed with some of the more abstract applications used but noting seems to stimulate my poor brain.

So my meager offering for today is simply to pull a couple old phrases out of my childhood memory.  For instance this one about the temperature of the macadam that the roads in Levittown were made of.   “The road is so hot you can fry an egg on it.”  That was usually said right before some nice man turned the bolt on the fire hydrant and let the water flood the street so we kids could play and cool off in it.  That was so much fun.  Gee I haven’t thought about that in years.

Then there were the special dinners run by the firehouses and churches on Friday nights. “Fish Fry all you can eat.”  YUM!  Now the fish fry’s only happen during Lent. You just can’t beat a piece of fried fish with fries.  I can remember my daddy stopping on the way home from work to get that wonderful treat.  We had a picnic on the living room floor and ate on paper plates.  That was really a treat for us kids.

And who can forget about Fried Green Tomatoes.  Not the movie, the food.  What a delicacy.  We would all crowd around the picnic table out back and just stuff ourselves with them.  There were no fences separating back yards in my neighborhood and it was not unusual for an additional little person to appear at your picnic table, or a big person either.  It was all for one and one for all back then.  And everyone pitched in to clean up.

I guess I know more about fry than I thought…Good memories.

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