The Door


I heard a noise the other night
It came from behind my door.
It made me think of my childhood
I was only three or four.

A noise would wake me up and then
I’d look around my room
To see if all was well in there
As fear crept over me.

Then I’d get out of bed
And lean against my door
I would hear Mommy yelling at Daddy again
My heart would hurt some more.

I tried to listen for a while
Then got back into bed
Still crying from the pain I felt
I wondered what would happen next

Then Daddy left for work
And I tried to understand
Was it my fault they were fighting?
Or was Mommy drinking again.

I wanted to run and hug them both,
And beg them to stop fighting
And tell them how much I loved them
But fear kept me in my bed.

I wasn’t supposed to know,
What was going on
So I said a little prayer
Asking God to fix it all.

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