Wow In 7 Days…

it will be a month since I have posted.  I can’t believe it’s been that long.

I have had to make a difficult decision.  I will be moving this year.  I really didn’t think I would ever move again after Gary and I moved to NC, but things change. Since Gary died I find it’s just too expensive for me to stay here.  I only have my income now and I really don’t want to be house poor.  I have my son in Miami Beach that I want to be able to visit often as well as friends and family all over the country.  So, my daughter Kelly and her husband Joe have invited me to live with them.  Well, actually they are putting a mother in law suite on their house for me.  It’s perfect.  I can see my three grandchildren as much as I want any time I want.  And none of my kids have to will worry about me living all alone in my forest.  🙂  I will definitely miss my 5 1/2 acres of solitude country living, but I will also love the convenience of city life.  Except for the traffic, that is.

So, I have been not only going through the 40 plus years of Gary’s stuff, but am now going through mine.  I just got to my Easter decorations.  I had five bins full of them.  Both girls took some and the rest are going to the flea market.

Kelly and I have decided to start a small business.  We will be selling one of a kind hand made items and will be selling some at a local flea market to test our ideas, etc.  But will eventually be selling online and at craft shows.  We have decided on K&W Creations as our name.  We are both excited to get things started.  I have been working on a blog and logo for us.  We would like to have all of that done before we actually start selling.  We are going to test some of our ideas out at a flea market to see what goes well.  It should be fun working with Kelly on this.

Andrew, Aidan and Alannah are on spring break now.  Aidan was here since Monday.  I met Kelly at the dance studio to switch Andrew for Aidan.  Now he’ll be here until Friday evening when I will meet Kelly at the dance studio and switch Alannah for Andrew and I will have her until Easter Sunday when the rest of the family will be here for dinner.

Aidan sewing his Mimikyu 

Aidan’s Mimikyu Project

Can you tell he’s a little annoyed I distracted his Roblox Game?

Andrew is in on the computer right now.  He’s playing Roblox while I am blogging.  He’s not the crafty sort.  We’ll do other things.  Mostly just hang out talking and watching movies.  He is after all a teenager now.  So it’s a whole new set of rules.  🙂

 I have been doing some sewing too.  Here is a variation of the 10 Minute Tablerunner. I make it the same way, but then I add batting to the area between the triangles and quilt it.

Easter Tablerunner

Close up of worded fabric
Easter Tablerunner
Gracie’s Bandanna

I made this tablerunner for my mother in law and this shirt for Isabella.  I have rediscovered my embroidery machine.  
I have some book reviews to do too.  Finally have gotten back to my reading.  Will work on them soon.  Have a good night.

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