Shopping Sunday

I got up early and went to church at 8 AM.  Something I rarely do.  I like to go to Mass on Saturday during the vigil.  I am not known as a morning person.  Worked too many years on night shift I guess. Anyway, I picked up my girlfriend Iris and we headed to Wilmington to do some shopping at Joanne’s.  I needed some buttons for a couple of table runners I made for gifts and needed a long length of Christmas fabric for my guild’s Christmas Party that is on Tuesday.

We stopped at Denny’s for breakfast first.  Oh it was so good.  I haven’t had breakfast food for ages. We both had the pumpkin pancakes.  Can I just tell you they were delicious.  They may have just slipped into the my favorite pancake spot.  So with full bellies we hit the Joanne’s store.

I found really nice fabric for the table cloth I need for the party.  Found my buttons, and picked up a few things I just had to have.  🙂

Of course it seems we can’t leave the house without hitting at least one food store.  I am however, so glad we did.  I picked up some lamb chops.  Oh my word, they were too good.  I haven’t had lamb for a long time.  Gary didn’t like lamb, so we never made it.  Once in a great while I would have it while out to dinner over the years.  I miss my mom’s Lamb and Turnips.  Now that was some good eating.

I only have 19 days to read 5 books if I want to meet my goal of reading 100 books for the year.  I just downloaded some Christmas themed books to finish out the year.  Think I’ll make it?

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