It’s Time To Sew, Sew, Sew

Today is the last day in November.  I can’t believe how fast the time is going.  I have been cutting out fabric to make pillow covers for my daughter for Christmas.  I also have gotten the supplies to make casserole carriers for each of the girls.  And new table runners.  I have quite a bit to get done.  None of it is too difficult, just takes time.  

So, I’ll be hitting the sewing machine hard beginning today.  My friend Iris is visiting so I have a buddy to sew with.  It is always more fun that way.  
I still haven’t updated my reading challenge.  I have a few more books to read for the year too.  I’ll see if I can get them read.  
My daughter gave me her old fitbit bracelet so that I can keep track of my activity.  I had been using my iphone, but I kept forgetting to keep it on me.  I really need to get up and move more.  Since I got it, I have upped my walking.  Hopefully it will pay off because I really need to lose a few pounds.  🙂
OK, maybe I’ll have pics of something to post later.  

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