The Beginning of Advent

I always love when Advent arrives.  It means that Christmas is just a month away.  When I was a child we had an Advent Wreath.  We used it in the beginning, but as the season wore on it was forgotten.  I guess that’s the price you pay when both parents work.  Too much to do in too short of time.

Again, when I married and started my family I had an Advent Wreath.  I was in nursing school at the time.  After nursing school I began working nights so the practice of lighting the Advent Wreath fell by the way side.  Actually, when my children completed 8th grade CCD, I let my faith go by the wayside too.  Something I am not proud of.

So this year I treated myself to an Advent Wreath and I am so excited to begin the practice of lighting it at supper time.  I had to research the prayers and blessing for it.  I was surprised that now a Christ candle has been incorporated into the practice.  On Christmas a white center candle is lit.  Often a white pillar candle is just added in the center of the wreath, so no new wreath is necessary.  As I think about this I see that it is a very appropriate option and one I may include in my new tradition.  I have three grandchildren who live close by.  I am anxious to teach them about Advent and the importance of the season.

Daily Reflections for Advent & Christmas by Bishop Robert F. Morneau, is a wonderful little annual book that my parish distributes to us.  It contains what Scripture versus for each day as well as reflection on them and a concluding prayer.  I got mine last night after Mass.  I really like how Bishop Morneau uses down to earth reflections bringing God’s word into today’s life.  If you have an opportunity to get one, you won’t be disappointed.

I am hoping that during the Advent and Christmas seasons, I will come to better terms with my husband’s death and the consequences he left behind.  I miss him and I pray he is with the Lord.

Happy Advent & God Bless!

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