Life Goes On

I am actually speechless at the behavior of so many of my fellow citizens.  To be carrying on because their candidate did not win.  I think that the media is playing a huge part in this craziness.  I haven’t liked our president for eight years.  However, Mr. Obama is my president, for that reason alone I show him respect.  To do otherwise, in my opinion, would be unpatriotic.

After elections we all must make peace with the outcome, put our personal feelings behind us and work together for the betterment of our land.  It’s important to remember there is always a loser in an election.

I won’t turn this into a political post stating my reasons for voting for whom I did.  I am just saying that ya’ll need to put your big boy pants on and grow up.  There is a lot of work to do in this country, we need to give Mr. Trump a chance.

OK, on to other things.  My friend Iris is in town for a few weeks and we have been getting together to do a little sewing.  I am having such a good time.  I’ve pulled a couple of patterns out to make the girls (daughters and daughter in law) table toppers.  I always try to give them something holiday themed.  It’s not always Christmas, sometimes I do Halloween or Easter.  So I have them ready to go. I actually cut one out this morning.

I have finished another book.  Water for Elephants.  It was good.  I recommend it.  I didn’t see the movie and I probably won’t unless it comes on TV.  I don’t usually go to the movies.  If I am going to see a movie made from a book, I always try to read the book first.

So, Thanksgiving is coming up.  This is the first year in over 40 years I won’t be hosting Thanksgiving dinner.  My oldest, Kelly, is taking that over for me.  I love having everyone here, but being by myself now, I am really not into it.  And I was much younger when I took it over from my mom.  So I am happy to pass that over to her.  Of course we are all making a dish to take.  My grandson loves my sweet potato casserole so that’s what I will be taking with me.

It’s sad when I think about how few there are of us now.  My parents are gone, my brother and two cousins are gone, I am not sure about the third cousin because he dropped off the face of the earth years ago.  My aunt and uncle are gone.  So it’s just me left on my dad’s side with my children and grandchildren.  Life goes on and it’s up to us to make the best of it.  Right?

On my mother’s side I had two uncles who are both dead, and two aunts and one of them is dead. There were also four cousins and one of them is dead.  I had lost contact with my mother’s family in 1960 and last saw my Aunt Anne and three cousins in 1958.  When I was in PA for Gary’s Celebration of Life we had a reunion.  My Aunt Anne and my cousin Joe came to the service for Gary and the next day we went out for a wonderful lunch.  It’s amazing how you can reconnect with people on  My other two cousins are in California.  Joe and I are making plans to fly out to see them within the year.  It will be so cool seeing them again.

Speaking of ancestry, I have gotten back to the 1600’s on my dad’s side and that on Gary’s mother’s side.  It’s so much fun looking for your ancestors.  It’s easy too.  I can sit for a few minutes and work on it while waiting for laundry to get done.  I think that’s why I am getting so much done on it.

Well I hear the dryer buzzing so will end it here.  Have a good day.

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