Today is Election Day

Today we choose our next president.  Both candidates in my opinion have faults.  Our responsibility as Catholics is to vote for the one with the least offensive of these faults.  But, not offensive just to us, but offensive to God.

This is the year we can overturn Roe vs Wade.  It’s the year we can stop abortion.  So many lives have been lost due to this scourge in our society.  I believe that a women has a right to choose what happens to her body, but not the right to murder an innocent child.  Her choice lies in deciding whether to have indiscriminate sex or not.  That’s where her rights lie.  Abortion has become for many, a form of birth control.  I doubt that the Supreme Court had any idea what their decision would create.

I realize that one of the reasons given for the need of legalized abortion is that women are raped and become pregnant or are carrying a child with birth defects.  I don’t believe that murder is the answer. We as a society are smart enough and strong enough to come up with a better solution.

On this issue I can speak from experience.  I had a very complicated pregnancy and was continually told by my physicians that I should abort my baby.  I fought them on this and delivered a baby boy four months early.  He was beautiful.  A perfectly formed person.  Yes, he needed to be in the NICU on a ventilator, but he was a person with his own personality.  I shudder when I hear that women abort babies at the stage my son was born.

Women believe the lies that Planned Parenthood tell them.  This is the largest abortion business and it is funded with our taxes.  Now, I take offense with my tax dollar being used this way and you should too.  I heard Hilary Clinton say on TV that she supported Planned Parenthood because they offer women counseling, mammograms, and other health care issues for women.  I can tell you that it is a bold face lie.  Give Planned Parenthood a call to schedule a mammogram.  They will tell you they do not provide that service.  So, instead of our government using our tax money for feeding the hungry, or for health care issues, they (we) use it to murder innocent lives.

Now, this right to decide to abort comes with many complications.  After believing the lies that the baby she is carrying is just a lump of tissue and she aborts, she develops many problems.  Sometimes they are physical, but always there is emotional and psychological problems.  The decision to just take a life is no answer to an unwanted pregnancy.  There are other options.

This decision, Roe vs Wade has led to a clear disrespect for life.  When will our country realize that we are headed for a terrible place if we do not stop this lack of respect for God’s laws.  Today it is legal to murder the unborn and marry someone of the  same sex.  What comes next?

So I ask you to please go over the candidates platforms, pray about your decisions and vote.  Voting is a private privilege and responsibility.

God bless you.

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