It’s Race Day

The NASCAR race is in Sonoma today.  It’s a road course, not my favorite type of race, but I will still be watching it.  I have to cheer my driver, Kasey Kahne on.  He’s not having a great year.  It is, however, better than the last two.  He finishes well here.  Maybe his first win of the year will come today.  I sure hope so.

My kids call me a Redneck.  Can you believe that?  They think it’s funny that I watch the races. Funny thing is, I got interested in it when my son was young in the ’80’s.  He teases that since I have moved south I have gone over to the dark side.  LOL

My husband has been a fan since before we were married.  We actually were going to a race at the Trenton Speedway and it was rained out.  Of course his favorite driver was Richard Petty.  He never liked Ernhardt.  If he was the bad boy of racing, Petty was the gentleman.  Now that I understand about racing, I can understand why Petty was his favorite.

Have a good Sunday.

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