Saturday’s Quotes

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”   Douglas Adams

  This is one of my favorite quotes.  How many of us can relate?  I know that when I think back to what dreams and plans I had as a child, I am not at all where I thought I would be.  For this I am eternally thankful.  After all, God makes no mistakes. 

  That is not to say that I didn’t want to become a wife, mother and nurse.  That was always what I wanted.  The path is what was so unexpected.  From meeting my husband, to having my children to my nursing career it has been a crazy unexpected wonderful ride.  
I have a wonderful husband who spoils me.  I have three wonderful children.  I also have four beautiful grandchildren who are the light of my life. I had a career in nursing that I loved more than I thought possible.  

  My life has been full of twists and turns, surprises and boredom, illness and health, joy and sadness. I’ve survived the worst, and lived the best.  As I look  back over this voyage I have been on I feel content that I am who and where I should be and I look forward to where it takes me next.

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