If you are not sure what these letters stand for don’t feel bad.  I saw them on facebook all the time and it took me forever to figure it out.  🙂  Throw Back Thursday!  Most people post a picture of their past under this heading.  So, it got me to thinking, why not incorporate this idea into my blog.  So, for here on out Thursdays will now be referred to TBT.

  Now this doesn’t mean I will only post pictures on Thursdays, but it might be a sewing pattern that is old, or a recipe from back in the day or maybe just an old fashioned idea.  See where I am going with this?  So without further ado here’s my first TBT.

The Nurses Cap
  These caps came in all shapes and sizes with emblems, or stripes or ribbons on them.  They were the reward nursing students received when they completed their programs of study.  Caps were presented at a capping ceremony attended by family and friends and were seen as an honor.  They have been around since the 1800’s and although nurses don’t wear caps anymore, many schools continue to have these capping ceremonies.  Each cap is specific to the school of nursing you attend.
  Originally, wearing a cap or small veil was done to prevent hair from getting in the way while working.  Of course I think that also had something to do with the idea that women should have their heads covered and also the fact that it was a part of a uniform or habit so to speak.  
  When I first graduated from nursing school caps were required to be warn at work.  Now, let me tell you that wearing this little nugget of pride did nothing to aid in my duties.  As a matter of fact, I constantly got it tangled with the privacy curtains in patient rooms causing it to land on my patient.   Had kids pulling it off of my head, and it was an endless chore to keep it clean.  Not to mention the headache I would get from having it pinned to my head all day.  The only thing I hated more than wearing my cap was the white uniform we had to wear.  YUK!!!  To this day I don’t wear white.  
  Anyway, the voice of reason beheld the nursing profession and caps were finally abandoned.  You can believe I didn’t shed a tear.  I am a traditionalist.  I loved the idea of being capped.  But I love the idea of not being required to wear it more.

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