My Heavenly Cheerleaders

  I was experiencing a crises of some sorts.

  I had broken my shoulder on September 1st while visiting my son. Fortunately it was non-displaced but very painful and I didn’t need to have surgery.  Being stuck in Florida for many weeks, I began physical therapy when I got home.  After sitting around not doing anything I found that I had gained weight, had no energy after doing my physical therapy, and began having trouble sleeping.  On top of that I was so afraid I would fall again and re-injure  my shoulder.  Therapy went well and after 6 weeks I was discharged.  However, I started to have a lot of pain again.  I guess I just gave into it.  Which is not me.  I usually bounce right back after any health issue.  I stopped going out unless I absolutely had to.  I wasn’t even getting dressed.  And I hadn’t been to Mass since the weekend before I fell.

  After I realized what a mess I was in, I started to pray to St. Therese through her chaplet.  I wanted to make a good confession and attend Mass.  I got up one morning and checked my facebook page and there was this amazing picture of roses.  I knew she had heard my prayers.  I went to confession and to Mass last weekend.  I was so happy to be home.  I am still not completely out of my funk, but I know that with the help of St. Therese I will continue to make progress.

  I am always amazed that we have such wonderful intercessors for us in the saints.  When I was a child I was always afraid I would hurt one of their feelings if I prayed to another saint.  I of course know now that it isn’t the case.  I do have some favorites though.  St. Francis of Assisi, my elementary school was named for him.  St. Katherine Drexel, who was from Philadelphia and her shrine is near where I used to live.  St. Agatha because she is the patron saint of nurses.  I am an RN.  St. Lucy because she is the patron saint of eye disease and I have glaucoma.  St. Philomena because she is the patron of children and St. Dymphna because she is the patron of mental disease.  I have two autistic grandsons.  St. Michael the Archangel because I belonged to that parish for years.  St. Anne because she is the patron of mothers and grandmothers.  St. Monica because she is the patron of mothers, alcoholics and married women.  My mother was an alcoholic, and I have two children who have left the church and a husband who needs conversion.  St. John Neuman, was a Philadelphia Bishop.  St. Marianne Cope, who was in the same order that my dear Sisters of St. Francis was in, who taught me so much and gave me comfort when things weren’t good at home.  Of course our Blessed Mother.  God is indeed good.


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