An Ordeal Comes To An End

I have been absent from my blog due to a family illness. My oldest daughter was rushed to the hospital with stroke like symptoms. Neurology ruled out the stroke, but diagnosed her with a new migraine. She spent several hours in the emergency room and then was discharged to home after her symptoms resolved.

The same afternoon she developed symptoms again. This time she was fainting. My son in law called me to come back to their house and we again went to the emergency room. This time they admitted her to the hospital. After a few days an MRI revealed a small bleed from hitting her head. Thankfully no treatment was needed for it. However, it was determined she had also suffered a severe concussion. Kelly had no recollection of doing it. So the treatment was she had to heal. After spending a week in the hospital she was discharged to a rehab center.

The therapist who specializes in vertigo did a fabulous job with her. So, today we are sitting in her room waiting for Joe to pick us up to go home. Kelly is truly blessed to have had many many people lifting her up in prayer. And prayers do work.

So, I have been with my daughter the entire time. Sleeping right beside her both in the hospital and in the rehab center. Today is the first day I felt that I could post. I didn’t even grab knitting or hand sewing to keep me busy. I will stay with her for a day or two then go back to my house where I will thoroughly enjoy my own bed.

Keep cool!

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