I found this picture when I was going through old files on discs. It’s my high school senior picture. I can’t believe how much my youngest daughter looks like me. Been told that for years, but couldn’t really see it. Thought I’d share.

Well it’s finally happened. Our cupboards are bare. Looks like I can’t put it off any longer. Food Shopping!!! Hubby always goes with me, which you would think would be a help, but…he thinks of food shopping like it’s a date. He loves to go and I hate it. He reads every little label, and goes up and down every isle even if we don’t need anything in it. Sometimes I find excuses not to go and he goes by himself. But not a chance of that happening today. I have to run an errand too. So, one car equals we go together.

Would love to attempt to sew something when I get back. I’ll let you know how that works out. Keep cool, it’s hot out there.

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