Moving In & Fathers’ Day

So my daughter got a call on Tuesday that the sellers were ready to leave for Nebraska and did they want to do settlement on Wednesday. So they said yes. So we got to have our three grandchildren for the weekend. We just got in from taking them home. The house is lovely and the kids just love their rooms.

My daughter invited us to stay for dinner to celebrate Father’s Day. My younger daughter came over to see dad too. Her poor hubby broke a bone in his foot that is not healing. He’s just had his second cast put on and was told if no sign of healing in two weeks it’s surgery. Here’s hoping he heals.

So this weekend we played games, flew Aidan’s helicopter(which we gave him for his birthday this visit), and did a lot of computer playing. It’s always so good to have them here to visit, but when they go home that’s good too. Especially if we have all three of them at the same time like this weekend. I like to have them one at a time so I can really spoil them. 🙂 Aidan said Saturday was the best day of his life because he got his remote control helicopter. “It’s EPIC!” The kids liked the guinea hens and the red fox who stopped by to visit too.

It was really hot this weekend. I can’t imagine what it will be like in July. I ran to church on Saturday night for confession and Mass and to work in the gift shop before and after Mass. As I went into the confessional I decided to kneel down and when I did I fell right off the kneeler. Poor Father, he sat really quiet then said Hello? I got to laughing and told him I had fallen. He wanted to come around to help me up but I told him I could get up myself. I didn’t want him to see the crazy lady who fell off of the kneeler! So right before I started my confession he says to me, “Well you already did your penance.” That broke me up and it took a few moments for me to compose myself. By this morning I was sore. But we did have a good laugh over the whole thing.

Well I have to report that I actually got two quilts repaired. One for my son-in-law and one for my granddaughter. I was very pleased that I finally got a little sewing done. I have guild on Tuesday for our outreach workshop, but other than that, I am going to work on something. I would like to be able to post a picture of a completed project at the end of the week.

Stay cool!

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