Looking At Houses, Sunset Beach, and Thrift Stores

My son has been living in Florida and he and his girlfriend have decided to move up to NC to be near family. That makes me very happy because I will then have all of my kids close by. None of them will be more than 35 minutes away. Anyway, they drove up on Friday to start looking for houses. They plan to rent at first and then buy when they have decided where the best place for them is. So we have been looking at houses. Mostly driving around looking at neighborhoods. But I think they may have found a winner today. We’ll see.

Yesterday we rode down to Sunset Beach which is just a beautiful place. Truly my favorite beach down here. They are all pretty nice, but Sunset is just special to me. What a beautiful day to be at the beach. The breeze was blowing and the colors were awesome. I took these shots over the dunes from the entrance to the pier. I even got a pelican in flight.

And of course we have been hitting all of the thrift stores along the way. So far my son has the best deal. He got a brand new Yankee candle for $1.00. And we’ll probably never hear the end of it. LOL. We’ve had dinner out a couple of times and have just had such a great visit so far with them. This is the first time we have met Karina. We love her!

Sadly, I missed guild meeting today. I hate to miss it, but you have to admit there were much more pressing things to tend to.
Our next meeting in two weeks is our Outreach Workshop and I never miss those.

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