Here is my entry for Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge Week 111 over at Dutch Goes the Photo Blog.  This weeks theme is height.



I took this shot last summer when I was at Vero Beach in Florida.  I just love to sit by the sea and watch the birds soaring high above the water.  Then suddenly they drop and catch their dinner.  Pelicans are so funny to watch.  They aren’t the most graceful of birds.  They are very entertaining.

Whenever I see a bird in flight, it makes me smile.  I can just imagine the things that creature can see.  I am a bit jealous of their special point of view.  I love to fly and would do it all the time if I could afford it.  When I am sitting on an airplane, always in the window seat, I am always excited about what I see out of the window.

I have only recently taken up photography.  At least relatively recent.  My favorite subjects are animals, especially birds, and flowers.  Looking back at my photos I can see improvement which is encouraging to me.


Memorial Day

Daily Prompt:  Ceremony, Famous

In the United States, May 28th is Memorial Day.  Many years ago, all holidays that fell on days other than a weekend, were moved to a Monday which created a long weekend for those celebrating.  The exceptions being Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, and Good Friday.

Memorial Day is a famous holiday because it calls to mind those people who have given their lives for our freedom.  It is celebrated with parades, picnics, visits to cemeteries, and visits to veterans who fought side by side of the fallen.

Sporting events like the Cocoa Cola 600 NASCAR race in Charlotte, NC honors our military and those fallen with a huge ceremony.  Every branch of our military is represented to honor their fallen brethren.

We owe so much to the men and women who have given their lives to defend us and keep us safe.  Thank you for having our backs in a world where safety can no longer be taken for granted, and to the fallen thank you for giving the ultimate to keep us free.



Daily Prompt:  Juxtapose


Picture credit.

Juxtaposed items
create a unique picture
with many bright colors
and a variety of shapes.

Like apples and oranges
bananas and mangos
they are the same
but also different.

They are all fruit
delicious and colorful
but each has its own flavor
that sets them apart

Art in its best form is
filled with juxtaposition
with little hints
they are the same.

Like apples and oranges
you can compare them
but watch for the differences
hidden within.

©Wanda M. Williams