Do You Ever Lose the Guilt?

Daily Prompt:  Guilty

I was raised by my grandmother from the time I was about 11 years old.  So you can imagine what kind of reactions she had to what was going on in the 1960’s.  I don’t know how many times I heard “they didn’t do that in my day”.  

Couple that with the guilt I developed from my Catholic education.  Don’t misunderstand, I loved going to Catholic school, it’s just there was always a lot of discussion of consequences to doing something wrong.  And it usually had to do with hurting someone’s feelings.  So if I had done something she would not have approved of, I felt her wrath.  Mom had a way about her.  She didn’t yell or scream at you, she just got real quiet.  Believe me, I would rather have had her yelling at me.  

We were always close.  I actually always loved spending time with her.  She was wonderful to me.  I was blessed to have had her come into my life to raise me.  But that being said, I was a normal teenager and pushed the limits like we all do at times.  Needless to say,  when I was grown we had a few laughs over all of it.  Just like I am sure she had with her mom.  

The funniest thing is, the one thing I still feel guilty about is when I wear a dress and don’t have a slip on.  I can hear my mom saying “a lady always wears a slip!”  I still own slips and my girls laugh at me because I wear them.  And my response is simply my mom would be spinning in her grave if I didn’t wear a slip!

Mom had a wonderful sense of humor.  I lost her way too soon.  She died of cancer in 1977 the day before my 26th birthday.  Love you mom. ♥