Weekly Tanka Challenge Week 49

This is my first attempt at tanka.

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Weekly Tanka Challenge Week 49 Prompt  Animals & Sunshine.


walking on the beach
watching the waves roll in
pipers being chased
summer sunshine warms my face
and animals warm my heart



Daily Prompt: Narcissism, Pedigree, Thin, Infect, Premature, Complication

“It is not your blue blood, your pedigree, or your college degree.  It’s what you do with your life that counts.”  Millard Fuller

This is one of my favorite quotes.  I think it says everything about what is important in our lives.  The days of getting by on your laurels are long over.  A name doesn’t mean anything without doing something with that name.  Without doing something for the greater good. 

It’s true, in the United States we do not have Royalty.  But we have our share of famous families which were thinly veiled with prestige and a class of their own making.  Our own made up royalty if you will.  

This behavior can be infectious to our society.  We have tuned celebrities and athletes into superstars that we treat as royalty.  They become role models for our children, which for the most part is not a good thing.  Many of them have behaviors which are not something that should be celebrated.   Money and what it can buy is taken as a status that avails premature accolades and a false idea of what is important in life.  

I am not saying that all celebrities and athletes are a bad example.  There are many who give back and behave like responsible adults that we are happy for our kids to look up to.  Unfortunately, our media does not focus on them.  They would rather hone in on those narcissistic individuals which in my opinion just celebrates their poor behavior.  

Life is more than what we can have and can buy.  It’s being a part of a community big and small.  It’s learning how to love, help, and support each other, not bring each other down.  There is so much violence in the world today.  Kids shooting up schools, clubs, and concerts being attacked with automatic weapons, violence is all around us.  My personal opinion is that a lot of it stems from the violence on TV, the movies, and video games.  When is the last time a video game which has a non-violent aspect to it was advertised on TV?  Violence is what sells today.  

All this makes being a parent difficult.  When it seems that the whole world is saying hate, violence and sex are the right way it is very hard to get through to our kids that peace, love, and good morals are the right way.  

For those who don’t know what the title of this means, it is an acronym for In My Humble Opinion.