Rebel With A Cause

Daily Prompt:  Rebel

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This graphic reminds me of my oldest daughter, Kelly.  From the time she was twelve until she turned twenty-two, I did not like her.  I loved her very much but didn’t like her.  No matter what I said to her, I was wrong and didn’t know anything..  And if she didn’t say anything the look she gave me could put me in my grave.

Add to that my rebellious daughter always had to have the last word.  I was so frustrated with her that I always told her that I wished she would have one (a child) just like her.  Of course, she would give me one of those looks and walk away from me.

If I would say the sky is blue, she argued that it was green.  I couldn’t win.  I would lose my temper with her, then she would say to me “I would never say that to my kids.”

Fast forward to motherhood for Kelly.  She has three wonderful beautiful children that are my greatest joy.  One has entered the teen years.  She now apologizes to me for her rebellious attitude.  She gets frustrated with him and then tells him he has turned her into Grami.  That’s me.  🙂  I get the biggest kick out of the situation.

I realize our kids have to become those rebels who seem to just want to drive us out of our minds.  It’s how they test boundaries and learn limits.  I guess looking back I did my share of being a rebel too.   It’s in our nature.