Weekend Coffee Share


Welcome!  Come on in and have a cup of coffee with me.  How was your week?  I was busy this week.  I had two doctor appointments on Monday.  Actually, I had three, but one had to be postponed until Thursday.  I have no idea why I allowed that to happen.

Last Sunday we had my grandson’s birthday celebration here.  My daughter made the cake on Saturday, removed one of the shelves in my refrigerator and put the cake in.  I have been looking for that shelf all week.  I finally called my daughter to find out what she had done with it.  I can’t believe she had it in the guest room behind my quilt rack.

One of my friends has gone up north to help her daughter who was injured when she fell off of her horse.  She needs surgery and Janet is going to stay with her and help with the horses.  So, I am plant sitting.  She had just gotten a beautiful hibiscus and didn’t want it to die when she was gone.  So, I get to enjoy this plant for most of the summer.

I haven’t done any sewing, crocheting, or much reading this week.  But I did do a little photography.  I have been keeping my camera with me for those unexpected opportunities.

So, a busy week for me, did a lot of housework this week too.  YUK!!! At one time I loved to clean.  I sure wish it was still like that for me.  Now I can talk myself into putting it off.

I was taking part of the Blogging From A to Z Challenge this year.  I really messed it up.  First of all, I didn’t link most of my posts.  I had never done this challenge before and I didn’t realize what I was supposed to do.  Then, the last two letters Y and Z never posted.  So, as far as the challenge goes, I failed.  But there is next year.  Right?

I had a little excitement when I hit a curb avoiding something in the road.  My tire went flat.  So, had to drive on it for a couple of miles to get home.  I had the spare put on it and took it to get a new tire.  I like to shop, but shopping for tires was daunting.

I hope ya’ll have a good week and I hope we can get together for coffee next weekend.  If you would like to join us for the weekend coffee share you can find out about it here.  It’s a great way to meet new bloggers and make friends.


Be A Mentor

Daily Prompt:  Mentor

Image from Inspirational Quotes


To be a good mentor you must encourage, support, and develop a relationship which enables purposeful conversation with your mentoree.  Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to have had wonderful mentors who made a lasting impression on my life.

Mentoring’s purpose is to develop particular skills in the mentored person and to facilitate problem-solving, and goal achievement.   When you are a mentor you will also learn from this relationship.  As this relationship grows, trust develops and the process becomes successful.

There are several ways to mentor.  Informal mentoring happens spontaneously.  Most people become mentors this way even in the workplace.  However, there are many formal mentoring programs for working with kids, co-workers, church members, and just about any situation that we find ourselves in.

When I joined my quilt guild, I had never made a quilt before.  I joined because I had always wanted to learn how to quilt.  I walked into the meeting and was met by Donna and she had me sit with Anne.  We spent that meeting doing charity work for our community.  I learned how to tie a quilt.  I was ecstatic!  🙂

Donna took me under her wing and became my mentor.  I learned so much from her, and because of her mentoring, I became confident in my quilting.  Now, I find myself helping newer quilters in the same way.  Our guild has a Buddy Program for new members who are matched up with someone who has been a member.  It’s our own type of mentoring program.  It is a shame that the program is not utilized more often.

I would suggest becoming a mentor.  You will receive so much from the experience.







What’s In A Name?


This week’s prompt:  letter.

What’s in a name?  Good question. Related image Take for example “letter”. What does that mean?  It’s the name of a written communication you receive from someone.  What makes it different from a note?  Is it the length of the communication, or simply less formal in presentation?

Then there is the other thing.   Is it just a symbol which expresses the written word?  The contents of our alphabet a through z when put together create words.  Then words are written in letters and sent on their way.

Sounds like I am talking in circles.  But that’s how our language is.  We have many words that have more than one meaning.  Don’t you wonder who sat around and decided what we would call things and why they used some of the same words for different things?

I think I will end it here.  Enough letters to expound on the “letter” prompt for this Saturday.

Have a good weekend!