Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge


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Sand and stone road into woods by my house.



This is a trail in the back of my property.  Old wooden deck steps are a place where the squirrels like to play.



Goodbye Daily Post

Daily Prompt:  Retrospective

The day has come to say goodbye to the Daily Post. It was inevitable. In todays world, the bottom line to everything is the almighty dollar. Let’s face it, the Daily Post wasn’t making any money for WordPress. They looked at it as a gift for joining the blogosphere through them. So, even though many of us who pay for a blog site are unhappy with their decision, they made this change anyway.

WordPress has begun the process of having a site which only caters to businesses. The Daily Post staff can now concentrate on more business driven products. Don’t misunderstand me, I realize that they are in business to make money. But if bloggers leave how does that improve the bottom line? Isn’t word of mouth recommendation from happy bloggers valuable too?

I moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress because I liked the community-based challenges.  The Daily Prompt especially gave me a way to unlock my writing potential. I have met many wonderful bloggers here and I am sure we will carry on without the Daily Post.  But it is a shame we have to.   I am sorry to see the Daily Post go into the ranks of not worth the time, money, or effort.

“All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.” – Ellen Glasgow


New Day

Three Line Tales is hosted by Sonya at Three Line Tales.  If you would like to join us follow the link.   Three Line Tales, Week 122

three line tales, week 122: a canal, boats and colourful houses

photo by Fabio Mangione via Unsplash

Bright colored buildings bask in the wakening sun, a new day has arrived.
Serenity fills me as I get lost in the beauty as I walk toward the sunrise. I am thankful for this day’s wondrous potential, excited to see the gifts that it brings.


Flash Fiction For The Purposeful Practioner- Week 22 2018

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As I strolled along this narrow street, I began hearing sirens coming closer to me.  A large ambulance drove up beside me.  Three men jumped out of the ambulance and rushed into one of the buildings.  I heard shouting.  I couldn’t tell what was said. My curiosity peaked and I was glued to the spot waiting to see what had happened.

The men appeared with an old woman on a stretcher.  She was tiny and frail, with a kind face.  She took my hand as they walked past me. The men had to stop because she would not let go.  My heart was breaking for her.  She was frightened and alone.  There was no family member with her. The men argued with her to let go to no avail.

I did what any nurse would do, I climbed into the ambulance with her. She gave me a beautiful smile, pointed to herself and said Bella,  then closed her eyes. After the short ride through very narrow streets, we arrived at the hospital.  After seeing that Bella was settled in the ER, I said my goodbye.   It was hard for me to leave, but knew she was in good hands.



Daily Prompt:  Broken

Picture credit.

Toys in pieces
Books ripped apart
Dolls with torn dresses
A life spent in tears.

Hope comes slowly
But steadily infuses
The soul of this child
From teachers at school.

Left by her mother
To fend for herself
Grandmother takes over
Mother’s role now filled.

She learns to forgive
The flaws of her mother
Finally believing
It wasn’t her fault.

Love from this woman
Heals the broken heart
And she grows up thankful
For Grandmother’s part.