U is for UFO


Yes, you read the title right.  Now, what have UFO’s to do with quilting and sewing you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you.  In the world of quilting for sure and possibly in the sewers world it stands for UnFinished Projects.   I know that the word projects begins with a P and not an O,  but that is what we call our unfinished projects.

UFO’s seem to slowly take over our world because we may take a class and not like what ended up with.  The thing is, we hate to get rid of anything fabric related.  So we put that project on the shelf and tell ourselves we will tackle it at a later date.  It becomes buried on that shelf and forgotten.

Then in the middle of a large quilt, someone has a new baby so we put that project on the shelf and put together a baby quilt as a gift.  By the time we have done that, something else catches our eye and we are onto another project.  It just happens.  Sometimes I think it is a bit of a sickness.  Just like going into every quilt shop you see.  Just so you can revel in the colors and textures of its contents.

My mentor when I began quilting once said to me that Hancocks of Paducah’s Catalog was porn for the quilter.  I laughed so hard at that comment.  Hancock’s is a wonderful fabric store that carries just about any kind of fabric and if you sign up they send you a catalog.   Fabric envy is also a contributing factor to accumulating UFO’s.  You see a fabric you can’t live without and have to get it so you can make that perfect quilt.

I am in awe of those quilters who continuously finish what they start right away.  I don’t seem to be able to do it.  I am not alone in my inability to complete what I start when it comes to quilting.  There is always something coming up that interests me and I get lost in the new ideas.

If you look at the top of my blog, you will see a link to my UFO’s.  I placed it there to see if it would encourage me to work on those quilts.  So far, it hasn’t helped at all.

Just a few of my UFO’s.  You can just about IMG_1241see the boxes above the shelves, they are full of them too.  😦

Have a good day and do some sewing.