Daily Prompt:  Noise


Illustration: iStock


Sally just wanted peace and quiet.  She had worked all week, ran the kids around after supper, did laundry, cooked and cleaned.  What a week!  All she wanted to do was sit and relax today.

It had been years since she had to do so much all by herself.  Jeff had had to go out of town for work leaving her to fend for herself.  Having a family was certainly joyous, but right now she was exhausted.

Sally’s mom had taken the kids for the day.  Finally peace and quiet, Sally thought.  As she made her cup of tea, she was thinking about the new book she had picked up and planned to just sit sipping tea and reading.

All settled in her favorite chair, Sally opened the book.  Barely through the first chapter and her first cup of tea, there was this loud, hammering right outside the house.  She jumped up to look into what was causing this noise.  As she came around the corner of her house, she discovered her neighbor jackhammering his sidewalk.

Totally annoyed, she asked her neighbor what he was doing.  Her neighbor told her he had a leak and needed to remove part of the sidewalk to repair it.  Sally just shook her head and walked away.

Sally grabbed her car keys, her book, walked out of the house, got in her car and drove away.  She could not remember a time when she needed some quiet time more.  Where could she go?  Where could she find some quiet?  It was too cool out to sit in the park.  The library was closed.  After driving around for a bit, she found herself at her mom’s house.

Walking into the house she called for the kids.  They came running asking why she was there since she had said she needed peace and quiet.  Sally explained to them that although they weren’t really quiet, the noise they made was music to her ears.