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Weekend Coffee Share

If we were having coffee I would tell you that it’s been a hectic week.  But, right now looking back on it I don’t know what made it that way.  Ever have a week like that? This past Tuesday was … Continue reading

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11 Questions – 11 Answers

It would seem that the lovely Ginger who nominated me for this award didn’t take into consideration whether or not I could follow directions.  🙂  It seems the 11 questions I answered were not from her.  So, without further ado, … Continue reading

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Liebster Award

My blog has been nominated for the Liebster award by Ginger of The Bee Writes which was a very thoughtful and kind thing to do.  I have not ever participated in the award process, but this seems a little different than some … Continue reading

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Friendly Fill-Ins Week 98

  1. I am the________________ in my family. 2. I have __________________ sibling(s). 3. I am looking forward to _________________this Spring. 4. The first sign of Spring this year was __________________ .   I am the oldest in my family.  … Continue reading

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Three Line Tales, Week 112 Do you see him, do you, do you, do you?  He’s got that thick black wool that is so dreamy, baahhh, is he checking me out?.  Do I look ok, how’s my wool, eyes good … Continue reading

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Lucky Charms

Daily Prompt:  Talisman Have you ever had a lucky charm?  I can remember when I was a child I had a rabbit’s foot.  Remember them?  It was supposed to bring me good luck.  But, it never did.  It was just … Continue reading

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Midnight Hamster Hunt In The Nude

Written for Linda G. Hills’ One Liner Wednesday:  The F-Word and the  Daily Prompt:  Invisible Many years ago I had a pool party for some of my fellow workers.  As the night went on, one of the girls asked if she could … Continue reading

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