Color Your World


Here is my last entry for Jennifer’s Color Your World challenge, February 21.



This is only one block of a Baltimore Album quilt.








This is also one block of the same Baltimore Album quilt.


Please Note:  These photos are of quilts that were entered in the Horry County Quilt Gala.  I did not make these quilts, my copyright is on the photo only.

Weekend Coffee Share


Good Morning!

What a week it’s been.  I made another trip to Goodwill with a full van.  Slowly but surely I am getting this place cleaned out.  The workers at the Goodwill are starting to call me the Cow Lady.  I have taken about fifty cow cookie jars to them.  I collected cows for years, unfortunately, my hubby didn’t seem to recognize the difference between a collector and a hoarder.  He just kept buying me more and more cows.  I am keeping my very favorite cows and parting with the rest.

Do you see the mug in my header graphic?  That is my all-time favorite coffee mug.  It was given to me by a young girl who lived with us for a while until she moved to live with a relative in New York.  The kids always teased me about not being human until after I had had my coffee.

I have been trying to join in with the challenges I enjoy here on WordPress.  I have done fairly well with it this week.  I am looking forward to the weather turning nicer so that I can get outside and do some photography.  Speaking of the weather, last week I had the heat on, this week it hit 80 degrees.  Not that I am complaining.  I am not a fan of winter, and the warm weather brings out the wildlife.  Like this little guy who showed up outside my front door the other night.


These little tree frogs sit by the light outside my door feasting on little bugs.  I just love them.  At.the end of the fall last year there were a ton of baby frogs.  They were so cute.  I know, many people think I am just a little bit crazy about how I feel about the frogs.  🙂  Anyway, they are back and I am so happy about it.

Another episode in the continuing saga of what can go wrong with my house starts like this.  I was washing dishes at the beginning of the week.  After I was finished, while standing 038877575369there in front of the sink drying my hands, I heard water running.  I looked at the faucet and saw that it was turned off.  All of a sudden I got this sick feeling in my stomach.  I opened the cabinet doors under the sink and sure enough, there was water all over.  So, after shutting the water off, I attempted to tighten all the connections but my efforts were unsuccessful.  I was without running water in the kitchen until Friday.  But,  I now have a brand new faucet in my kitchen that works just great!

I am so excited that my neighbor’s geese have started coming down to my house to visit again.  They used to come down to my house twice a day.  Then the stopped coming.  I was so disappointed when that happened.  DSCF1067I guess it’s been two years since they have been here.  Yesterday, I was sitting by the front window and looked up to see them waddling up the driveway.  I was so excited that I jumped up grabbing my camera but just as I got outside a car out on the highway made a very loud noise and it spooked them.  However, I did see my favorite goose, Gus.  I named him.  He is a saddleback goose.  The one with the bright orange beak and black spots on him.  I am hoping they will continue to come down to visit.

I am off to a local quilt show today.  I love to see all of the beautiful quilts that are entered.  This particular show is sponsored by Horry County and they always have a challenge that is a feature at the show.  Short demonstrations on various techniques are offered too.  It’s usually a nice show.

The race is in Atlanta this Sunday.  I am soooo happy NASCAR is back.  Go Kasey!

Have a good week.





Daily Prompt: Astral

The ship’s captain was showing signs of distress as he hovered over the controls of the ship. Finally, he turned to his junior officer and told him that the ships navigation system was down. Then admitted this was his first time in these waters and he was worried about finding his way back to port.

The junior officer told the captain that he knew how to use the stars in the sky to navigate. The captain just laughed and said no one knows how to do that anymore. I never even learned how to navigate that way. But, since he felt totally lost, he told him to get to it.

So the junior officer began to chart their course according to the bright stars in the sky. Satisfied, he ordered the boat to change course and they headed back to port without incident.

Impressed by the junior officer’s knowledge and cool head, the captain asked him how he learned to navigate that way since the academy no longer required it.  The junior officer told him that his father had taught him when he went along with him on his fishing boat.

After the ship got into port, the captain realized it is always good to have a backup plan in case the same thing happened again.  He gave it a lot of thought.  The next morning the captain signed up for an astral navigation class.


Friendly Fill-Ins Week 94


Here are the questions and my answers to this week’s Friendly Fill-Ins.  If you want to join in click the link below.  🙂

Friendly Fill-Ins Week 94

1. My favorite president is George Washington because he was the first president I ever learned about.  I think he was an honorable man who did his best.

2. This weekend, I have plans to go to a local quilt show with my friend Ruth.
3. I love my hobbies especially quilting.  I have been doing it for 12 years now and I hope that I am getting better at it as time goes on.  I am also having a good time with photography.

4. I believe that if we all learn to work together we can greatly change the world.