Another Slap In the Face

This is not a political blog.  That being said, I find that there are some things of which I must blog about.  The latest slap in the face to my Christian faith is another blasphemous play, Corpus Christi.  It is being presented by the Richmond Triangle Players.  The documentary film made about the play, Jesus Christ is shown passionately kissing His Apostles, performing the marriage of two homosexual men, and viciously striking a female actress among other obscenities.  Those who protest these types of plays are portrayed most unkindly.

And the New York Post reported Corpus Christi uses Gospel passages in a contrived way: ‘“Art Thou King of the queers?’ McNally’s Pontius Pilate character asks. Thou sayest,’ Joshua answers.”

Please don’t take offense.  I have gay friends.  I believe that they are loved by God just as I am loved by God.  I do not live their lives.  I do not answer for them to God.  Just as I don’t answer for someone who commits murder or rape.  I answer for me and what I do and have done.

That all being said, the issue is not with homosexuality, but rather with the disrespect and the lack of moral compass of the writers and producers of such an insult to the Christian religion.  I ask you, what would happen if the Muslim faith were portrayed in this fashion?  Christians have become the most persecuted people in the United States.  It saddens me that Christians have become the most persecuted people in the United States.

Nowhere in Christian history is Jesus found to be gay.  Nowhere in Christian history is Jesus found to strike another.  Nowhere in Christian history is Jesus seen kissing anyone passionately.

Is this type of entertainment necessary for our world today?

If anyone feels that they would like to do something about this play, here is a link to fill in a petition to have it stopped.

American Needs Fatima Corpus Christi Play Petition