Catching Up

I just want to say thank you to everyone who visits my blog and comments.  I have been tied up much of this week and have not gotten to visit my friends of the blogosphere.   Things will calm down for me after the weekend and I will come around to visit your wonderful blogs. Dottie’s son is will be here sometime today and tomorrow we’ll be going to Animal Kingdom in Disney for the day.  I can’t wait.

This morning Gracie and I walked over 2 miles.  She’s now sitting by me in the dining room as I post this.  I think I wore her out.  Here is Gracie.


Gracie and Frank are napping.  I wore both of them out.  Gracie by walking so far this morning and Frank by looking for his charging cable for the hand push lawn mower.  They are both napping now.  :).


Have a blessed day everyone.