The Beach

Daily Prompt:  Savage


I took a walk on the beach today.

Blue skies and white clouds welcomed me.

Pelicans and seagulls flew over my head

A beautiful sight to see.


Waves gently rolling into the shore

Saying a quiet hello.

Sandpipers running on the sand

Following the water’s ebb and flow.


The dunes are alive with sea grasses

With vines and sea oats holding onto the sand

They hide their inhabitants successfully

Keeping them safe and sound..


Life is glorious on the beach.

It calms me and soothes my soul.

I was lost in my thoughts of wonder

At what God has given to me.


Then quickly the clouds began to change.

They grew dark and caused the wind to form.

The birds began to disappear

Heading for shelter to ride out the storm.


Then waves slammed into the beach

With a warning to leave at once.

So with regret I walked away

As the wind savagely beats the dunes.


I thought about the drastic change

That God had designed today.

And realized I must put my faith

In His all knowing ways.

© Wanda Williams



The Saga of the Nuts, Bolts and Screws

Daily Prompt:  Jangle

Back in 2002 my husband and I moved to North Carolina.  We had a relatively big house that had stuff stored in it from my mom’s house, my mother’s house and all the stuff my husband collected over the years.  We had been in that house for 27 years.  My husband, being a pack rat from the word go, collected every screw, nut, bolt and washer that was left over from everything he had ever put together.  He also had all of the miscellaneous pieces of metal he would bring home from work in his pocket.

We had to sort through all of the stuff in the garage.  There were boxes of little metal “things” to go through.  We would open up the boxes and I would say we can get rid of this.  Gary would say no, we need to keep it.  This went on with all of the cigar boxes he had with the varied little metal screws, nuts and bolts.  So, the day came to pack up the truck to move.

All of these little screws, nails, nuts, bolts were put into the truck.  At our new house we emptied it all into the garage there.  Every time Gary needed to fix something, he would run to one of the Home Depots in the area and pick up the hardware he needed for the task.  I would remind him we had boxes, jars, coffee cans full of that kind of hardware and we would just say it was quicker to pick up what he needed.  I just shook my head.

When my in-laws were getting ready to sell their place, there were jars, boxes, coffee cans full of little metal screws, nuts, bolts, and nails in their garage.  Every time Gary heard that familiar jangle he would smile and say that we needed to keep these.  So, we added to our collection of those little metal pieces.

Now, my husband is gone and I am going through all of the stuff he thought we couldn’t live without.  In the garage, if I pick up a box, can, jar of something that jangles I don’t even open it.  I smile to myself remembering how Gary had to keep it, then toss it in the get rid of pile.  I am confident that when I get rid of all of this stuff, there will be another man that will see the value in holding into all of the nuts, bolts, screws and washers just in case he needs one.