Two Word Tuesday June 13, 2017


June 13, 2017:  Mollycoddle and/or Pamper

My kids are always asking me what I want for my birthday, Christmas or Mother’s Day.  I give it some thought and then tell them that I have everything I need.  They get frustrated with me and I usually end up with gift cards for my kindle.  I love getting those gift cards as I read all the time and they let me get a book when it first comes out as opposed to waiting until it is available from the library.

This past Mother’s Day, I was away with my two daughters and my granddaughter at a dance competition.  And I enjoyed it so much.  But I have decided that when I get asked again for my birthday this September, I am going to ask for a spa day.  I have never been to a spa or had a massage or facial.  I think that I should add being pampered to my list of things I have experienced at least once.

I have never been mollycoddled by my parents, myself or my husband.  I always knew what was expected of me and got it all done.  I never minded it either. I have always been a take charge person.  So this desire to be pampered is new to me and I know that I will enjoy it.