Miss Marks

Daily Prompt:  Natty

Have you ever wound up somewhere completely under dressed?  I’m talking about everyone else looking natty and you are in a pair of jeans and a “good” T shirt.  I remember one time I was supposed to pick someone up from a gathering.  I arrived on time and appeared at the front door of a beautiful huge house.  The door was opened by a maid in uniform and I was told to go on in where the gathering was taking place.

I walked into a room, or I should say ball room, it was so big.  It was elegantly decorated. All of a sudden I felt very out of place.  I had no idea where I was heading when I volunteered to pick up Miss Marks.  That should teach me to always look presentable.

Thinking back on it now, I should have had some idea.  Miss Marks is a very wealthy lady who has always traveled in those wealthy high society circles.  Of course aging doesn’t just effect those of us who are not wealthy, it also gets the wealthy too.  I am not sure why Miss Marks didn’t utilize her own car and chauffeur.  I asked her that on our way to her home.  She told me that she preferred not to have her whereabouts tracked by her distant family.

Wow. I thought that maybe she was being a little hard on her family and I suggested that maybe they were just concerned about her.  She chuckled right out loud at that idea.  No she said, they are just waiting until I die so they can have the money.

I felt very sorry for Miss Marks.  It must be awful to not have a good relationship with your family.  She had never married or had children.  She must be lonely I thought.  We who don’t have that kind of money tend to think that those who do don’t have any problems, but clearly, they do.  I have begun to think that money is indeed the root of all evil.