Daily Prompt:  Bitter, Temporary, Pursue

Image Borrowed from Wallpaper Cave

There is no denying the beauty of winter.

I remember when I was young, I loved winter. I loved the sledding and ice skating and snowball fights and making snowmen with the kids in the neighborhood, then crowding around a fire sipping hot chocolate to warm up. It was great fun.

Where I lived, my street was horseshoe shaped. All of the back yards connected into a big circle. One year we had so much snow that our dads made igloos for us kids with a big tunnel that connected them. They lasted for a few weeks. That was in the fifties.

I remember when my kids were little. I would spend ten minutes with each one of them getting them into their snow suits and all wrapped up to go sledding just to have one of them tell me they needed to go to the bathroom. So, I would have to get them out of their snow suits so they could pee. Then start all over again. It’s a wonder we ever made it outside to play.

I also remember the year I was working at the hospital and it snowed so bad that staff could not make it in. I was stuck working for three days straight. We were temporarily assigned beds so we could each sleep in four hour shifts. When I was finally able to go home, my area was still not clear. I was transported home in a snow plow. My street was the first one to be cleared in the neighborhood only because they needed to get me home. That was definitely an experience. The truck was so high that when I tried to get out of it I fell into a snow drift. My husband came running out of the house to help me up. It took a while because I started laughing. Meanwhile the truck driver was looking at us like we were crazy. By the time I got into the house I was frozen. I had no boots on because when I had gone to work three day before it was not snowing. My feet were soaked. I think that was the year I started hating winter.

It was also the year we visited my in-laws in North Carolina for the first time. They had retired that year and moved there. I fell in love with the area. Sunset Beach quickly became my very favorite beach. We talked on the way home about how nice it would be to retire in the area and get away from the cold winters. We began to pursue buying property and the next visit to the in-laws we bought a small vacation home.

Finally the time came for us to move south permanently.  I was so happy to be out of those bitter cold winters in Pennsylvania.

My daughter finally gave us grandkids but they still lived in Pennsylvania. We left North Carolina the week before Christmas one year to spend the holidays with them.  We were planning to return home the first week of January. Well, before we could head out, it started snowing. We were stuck there until February. One bitter cold day I remember standing at the front door of the house watching my grandkids in the snow thinking who would want to be out here in this weather? But then I remembered that kids love snow and I bundled myself up and headed outside to play in the snow with my grandkids. I am so happy I share those memories with them.