Talladega Baby!

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I just finished watching the NASCAR race at Talladega, Alabama.  What a great race.  My favorite driver, Kasey Kahne didn’t win, but he finished fifth.  Not too shabby.  He really drove well today and managed to get through the wrecks that happened during today’s race.

He hasn’t won in over 90 races, but he’s having a good year and I really think this will be his year to put some wins on the board.  He’s a very talented driver so I am not sure why he has been in this slump for so long.  Doesn’t really matter, I will always be his biggest fan.  Go Kasey!

On to Kansas Speedway Saturday night.


Kindness Challenge Begins

Week 1| Self-Love

Attention Kindness Challenge participants!

In this post, you’ll find:

  • this week’s  theme prompt & exercise
  • a screensaver for this week’s theme
  • the reflection post prompt questions

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Beach heart

Week 1 Theme | Self-Love

This week’s kindness prompt is about self-love. Is there anything more kind than love? We often think of kindness in relation to others but we can’t forget that kindness must first start with ourselves. I want to remind you there’s nothing you need to do to earn or deserve love from yourself or others.

Loving ourselves and being able to accept love is our birthright.

This week’s challenge is going to be based on the work of Brene Brown. I absolutely love what she’s doing and the open conversation she’s having. In order to incorporate the benefits of her research and life work into our own lives, we’re going to work on cultivating our self-love. One of the most powerful parts of Brene’s message, in my opinion, is how she highlights that we don’t need to do anything to be worthy of love and belonging but we do need to believe we are worthy of it.

That makes me think of kings and queens. They don’t do anything to be deemed royal, they simply are because of the family they’re born (or married) into. That’s the simplest way I can think of to explain self-love. We don’t have to work for it, do anything to deserve it, prove ourselves, or as Brene Brown would say, we don’t have to hustle for it. I encourage you to cultivate your self-love daily. Make healing, improving, or maintaining the relationship you have with yourself a priority. The relationship we have with ourselves sets the tone for all of the relationships we are in and enter into so let’s build a solid foundation.

Self-Love Exercise-

The exercise for this week is to take note of all of the ways we think we have to earn or prove our love to ourselves. If you have a hard time, you might try to notice the times you find yourself feeling like you’re not good enough. After you’ve taken a couple of days to observe and take notes, I encourage you to come up with your own personal mantra or affirmation. Whenever you find yourself falling into the habit of thinking you aren’t good enough or deserving of self-love, repeat your mantra to yourself. Some of you might want to write it down and put it on your mirror or screen saver.

Tips on creating your empowering self-love mantra:

2017 Kindness Challenge (3).png

Another option is to create a self-portrait. It can be a photo, a drawing, a mosaic, or whatever form of artistic expression you’d like. Make sure the self-portrait is of your royal self and reflects your birthright to love and be loved. Keep this someplace you can look at it as often as needed to remind you of your birthright.

If you can think of a different exercise to incorporate, feel free to do so. ❤

Click here to see and download a screensaver I created to fit most smartphones. ❤

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Reflection Prompt | You pick the day to post!

At the end of this week, post your reflection. Write about what your experience was like. What did you struggle with? What surprised you? What did you learn? What will you stop doing? What will you work on? What will you start doing? If you created a self-portrait, feel free to share it if you feel comfortable. Be as transparent as you feel comfortable with your reflection, you’d be surprised by how many of your readers will be able to relate to how you feel and who you might encourage. 

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Be sure to comment with the link to your reflection post once you publish it or link back so your post will appear in the comments.

Please visit at least two other participants’ reflection posts and leave a comment. I’m sure they’ll appreciate you taking the time to stop by and connect with them. 

The Presentation


Daily Prompt: Exposed

It was 1988 and I had just returned to college to finish my degree in nursing. What was I thinking? It had been so many years since I had attended school. I must be crazy I thought. But here I was with my back pack full of the books I needed to complete my degree.

Surprised as I was, I loved being in class. I couldn’t get enough of learning. Why had I put this off for so long. Oh, yeah, I remembered, I was raising a family. Ok, so it made perfect sense to me that my priorities were in the right place.

As my first semester went along I was actually feeling a little guilty that I was having so much fun. Then, as I checked my syllabus I began to feel a panick take over me. I had to present a paper. I can’t stand up and talk to the whole class I thought. I will never pass this class if I can’t. What was I going to do?

Well, I researched my topic very well. I put my words on paper and practiced and practiced in front of a mirror until the day came when it was my turn to present.
I dressed in a professional suit with my hair and makeup done. I knew I was prepared, but my stomach was full of butterflies. I began sweating. And that was before I even got to class.

Finally, as I was seated in class and the professor called me to the front of the room. I couldn’t hear, there was a whooshing sound in my ears. As I approached the front of the room I was feeling a little dizzy and I could feel a trickle of sweat running down my back. I felt totally exposed as if everyone could see my innermost thoughts and just knew I didn’t have a clue about what I was going to say.

Then, as I said good morning to the class something changed. All of a sudden I had an overwhelming confidence. I began my presentation. My voice was strong. I actually knew what I was talking about. I wowed my audience. After my presentation I answered questions and was amazed at how many of my fellow students were actually interested in the content I had presented.

I guess I had to attribute my success that day to being well prepared and to the fact that I was a married woman with children and had been speaking in front of people for years. I had been in countless meetings at the schools my children attended, was involved in politics, demonstrated Tupperware, and was often team leader at the hospital during my shifts. I just never thought about how that prepared me for my presentation, or the fact that preparing for my classes had become a priority since I was footing the bill. Something I had failed to do the first time around when my dad was paying.