Look What I Found


I was coming home the other night and it was getting pretty dark.  I don’t like to get home after dark because I live in the woods and we have wild animals that like to come out and play when the sun goes down.  I was running a little longer that I had expected. I live on a private road with only one other house on it.  After you turn off the main road my little road winds back a bit and the makes a turn.  This is the view from my car when I made that last turn before I went up my driveway.  I didn’t have my camera with me just my cell phone.  I stopped the car and jumped out to catch this breath taking sunset.


My Jolt For The Day


My three grandchildren were on Spring Break from school last week.  When they are off I try to have them spend a day or two with me one on one because there are three of them and only one of me.  I had just spent three days with Aidan.  He’s the middle child of the family and my crafting buddy.  I know that we will always find some fun things to do together and this visit was no exception.  So after leaving him at the dance studio with his mother and sister I am thinking about what a good time we had and how I am looking forward to spending the next few days with his older brother Andrew who is 13.

Andrew is sitting next to me in the front seat of the car and we’re talking about what we will do for the next couple of days.  He mentions something to me about a story he had written on the computer with his Pop Pop.  He keeps asking me if I remember this or that about the story.  It dawns on me that I have no idea what he is talking about.  I am doing my best to fake it, but he finally catches on and says, “Grami, did you forget about that story?”  I have to fess up and admit I did indeed forget about it.  To that Andrew says, “It’s OK Grami, you are old and old people forget.”  Needless to say I bit right through my tongue trying to keep from becoming hysterical with laughter.