Catching Up

I can’t believe it’s been over a week since I have posted here on my blog.  Things have been a bit busy for me.  And…this injured thumb has slowed down everything I do.  Sometimes when it doesn’t hurt I forget that it is injured and I bang it on something.  Ouch!  It seems to be healing, but I was told to expect it to take a long time.

I had guild last Tuesday.  I won the fat quarters. The color was red which is perfect since I am collecting red fat quarters to sash my Raggedy Ann & Andy embroidered blocks.  I love Raggedy Ann and Andy.  I have a small collection of those dolls.  Actually, I have a nice collection of dolls period.  I have always loved baby dolls and neither one of my girls did.  They were more into Barbies.

I am finally unpacking my doll collection and plan on keeping some of them, but will most likely sell some and give a few to my granddaughters.  I still love to pick up one of those baby dolls and pat it’s back and rock back and forth.  I know it’s silly, but babies don’t stay babies long enough.  A lot of women I know were glad when the infant stage was over, not me.  So when I need a baby fix I just pick up one of my babies and get my full.

My daughter Kelly and her husband Joe are helping me go through my husband’s train collection.  What a job that has turned into.  Some trains will stay in the family, but I hope to sell the rest.  I knew he had a lot of trains, but even I am surprised at the vastness of his collection.

I am also sorting through his stamp collection.  I have spoken to a dealer about it as no one in the family is interested.  There is so much more yet to be gone through, but it will just take time.

I am heading to Miami this week to spend some time with my son and his family. I can’t wait to see Isabella.  She’s walking now.  So, today I am doing laundry and preparing baby quilts and baby hats to take to the hospital from our guild.

Have you heard that Norma McCovey passed away?  She was the Jane Roe in Roe v Wade that legalized abortion in this country.  She spent much of her life fighting to get that decision reversed.  She never did have an abortion.  Join me in praying for the repose of her soul.

I’ve been reading a bit and should have one finished soon.  Again, not moving too quickly on my 2017 challenge.  Rome wasn’t build in a day.  Right?  The weather is beautiful again.  Ya gotta love the Carolina winters.

Have a great day!

Dancing Saturday

Alannah in costume for her hip hop solo.  Tu Tu’s and Tennis Shoes

I spent the day with my granddaughter at her dance competition.  Alannah competed in four dances.  Tap, clogging, hip hop and a solo in tap.  She did great and placed high in all of her categories.

I was just outside with the dog and I looked up through the trees and saw this beautiful full moon.  It was in the low 70’s today.  I love living in the Carolinas.

So, an update on my thumb.  As the day went on yesterday, my thumb and the palm of my hand was getting more painful.  Finally, it was throbbing so much that I took the bandage off and wow, my thumb was infected.  Off to the ER I went.  They had to remove all the sutures and the clotting material that they had put on it.  Let me tell you I was seeing stars.  So, now I am on two antibiotics and an antibiotic ointment to the area three times a day.  I am hoping that this thumb heals without a surgery.

Yesterday was my grandson Andrew’s 13th birthday and my granddaughter Isabella’s 1st birthday.  Tomorrow, my daughters and their families are coming down to celebrate Andrew’s birthday.  We now officially have a teenager in the family.  At the end of the month I will be going to Miami to celebrate Isabella’s birthday.  I can’t wait to see her.  At this age they change so quickly.

A New Wrinkle…

So, Monday evening I was going to do a little sewing after supper.  My plans changed suddenly.  I was slicing a cucumber on one of those mandolins.  My hand slipped and I cut a huge piece of thumb off my right hand.  Thank God my neighbor  was home and she could take me to the hospital.  I had to keep pressure on my thumb and couldn’t drive.

It took quite a while to get the bleeding stopped and I was really afraid I was going to have surgery, but they worked their magic and got me fixed up in the ER.  So, no sewing got done.  And  with the dressing on my thumb, it’s hard to do anything.  I have to keep it clean and dry.  And, it really hurts.  I can’t believe how much pain there is with it.

After spending a few hours at the ER, I came home and found the piece of thumb I cut off on my kitchen floor.  YUK!!!  So that’s how my Monday ended.

I’m so glad for my Kindle…reading is about all I can do for a few days.

Look at this cute cake.  I’m sure it would make any quilter smile.

My  oldest daughter Kelly is very talented when it comes to making specialized cakes and cup cakes.  Maybe I can ge her to make me one for my next birthday.  🙂


It’s Just Another Manic Monday

Wow, can you believe that game last night?  I am not really a Patriots fan, but they sure came back strong.  I was secretly hoping that the Falcons would win.  So, now that the Patriots won, the Williams family Football trophy will move to my house for a year.  It’s been at my daughter’s for two years.  Stephen, my son in law, had the Falcons and he really thought they would win.

Do you remember that song?  From the 80’s I think.  My Samantha sang that all the time when she was little.  I had been away in Mexico and when I got in the car to go home, she sang it to me.  Funny how some things stick with you.

On February 10th my grandson will turn 13.  I just can’t believe it.  And…my youngest granddaughter will turn 1.  She’s the one in Miami.  I can’t go down for her birthday, but I am making plans to go see her later in the month.  I will miss her little party, but I’ll make up for it with her.

So, today I am going through books.  I still have my golden books from when I was little.  They are old, some have coloring in them but they are dear to my heart.  I want to clean them up a little and take some with me when I go to Miami.

Later today, I plan to make my little quilts for February.  I totally missed January.  I have the block done, just never got a border on it or quilted.

I feel like I am being pulled in all directions.  Don’t you hate that feeling?  So, I am going to get off of the computer, make myself a nice cup of decaf coffee and take a deep breath.

Have a good day and do something that makes you happy.

Super Bowl Sunday

So, who’s watching the super bowl?  It’s the first super bowl I am watching alone in over 41 years. My kids are spread all over so no get together’s like we used to have when they were young.

I didn’t watch the half time show.  I am not a GaGa fan, and can certainly do without her.  I used the time to do dishes.  LOL.

I spent a wonderful day with my daughter Kelly, her husband Joe and my grandchildren here helping me go through some of Gary’s collections.  The biggest job will be his model trains.  It’s amazing to me how much he had amassed over the past almost 41 years.

The appraiser will be here on Friday to see the house.  I will be so glad when all of this is behind me. I still am not sewing yet as I have to get the place looking like someone lives here by Friday.  🙂  But then I vow to sew at least one hour a day.

Enjoy the game!