Everything Happens For A Reason

I was supposed to be at my quilt guild’s outreach workshop today working on quilts for our local fire department.  However, last night our well pump stopped working.  Because there are no lights where the well is, we were unable to do anything about it last night.  So, my plans had to change.  My mom always said that “Everything happens for a reason.”  Mom really believed this and through the years I grew to believe it too.  I saw the blessings that came from these unexpected things.

This made me think about some of the things in my life that I tried to plan.  I can remember wanting to go to a specific event and a family commitment prevented me from going with my friends.  Later I learned that my friends found themselves in some sort of trouble.  I was sorry for them, but so relieved I was not with them.

I had my first child at the age of 20.  My plan was to have four children before the age of 30.  There are 10 years between my fist and second child.  Well, apparently my plan was not what God had planned for me.  I had my four children, but on His timetable.

Learning to live happily with God’s plan for us is difficult sometimes.  We are always in a hurry for what we want and often unhappy when things don’t turn out our way.  It’s important for us to trust in God and His plan.  Learning to follow God’s will is important for us to have a good relationship with Him.

“. . . it is presumptuous in me to wish to choose my path, because I cannot tell which path is best for me. I must leave it to the Lord, Who knows me, to lead me by the path which is best for me, so that in all things His will may be done.”

― Teresa of Ávila, Interior Castle

God bless!

Everything Happens For A Reason

After spending yesterday preparing for my guild’s outreach workshop today, I discovered that our well pump stopped working last night.  Our well is located on the side of our property.  Since there is no light out there, we could do nothing.  So I had to call my co-chair to let her know she would be on her own today.  I hate to miss these workshops.  The plan was to work on the firehouse quilts.  We are almost finished with them.

So, it looks like today I will be hanging around the house waiting for the well man.  I hope that it’s nothing serious and can be taken care of today.  Living without water is quite difficult.  You don’t realize how much we take for granted.  It ‘s an eye opener.  Maybe I’ll be able to get some sewing done.

On Sunday we visited with my daughter for her birthday.  We had such a nice time with Sam and Stephen.  When we got to her house, her old roommate from college was there.  It was such a nice surprise to see him.

I’ve also been working on our family tree.  It’s amazing to find our ancestors and see pictures and documents from them.  I can spend all day searching through documents and records.

Have a good day.